When Evil Cries: How poor parenting can create evil – by Eti Elbot

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““Elbot’s novel zeroes in on one boy’s life on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. The world has never been kind to Joao Adao Jovem. His mother, Lilian, has recoiled from him since his torturous birth…Such is the conventional coming-of-age narrative that emerges from Elbot’s Omen-like opening…This nature-or-nurture exploration of evil is harrowing…”— Kirkus Reviews
Joao never stood a chance. Even before his birth, his mother despises him. She believes he is the son of the devil. Born into a world of abuse, Joao has no way of knowing his mother was treated the same way.

The nature of evil is psychologically explored in this fascinating novel that also reveals the destructive impact that poor parenting can have on a child, and how a mother’s lack of faith led Joao to a life of crime. In his mind, he is truly evil and is trying to live up to what is expected of him.”

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Keywords:- Evil, Crime, Hope, Humor, Love, Redemption

Genres:-General Fiction

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