Wawona Brotherhood : The San Jose State Campus Revolt – by Timothy K. Fitzgerald

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The anti-war years of the 1960s brought the formation of numerous activist groups across the nation’s college campuses. Surrounded by a town dominated by machine politics, red-necked bigotry and segregated off-campus housing, San Jose State University was no exception. The home campus of Olympic boycotter Tommie Smith, it had its share of black activists and white anti-war protesters.

As students became inexorably drawn into the common cause of campus radicals, a new society fueled by hope for the future became a rallying point for thousands of Bay area youths and their dreams. Author Timothy Fitzgerald records his experiences and those of other key figures during this pivotal time in history when color barriers were broken and the formation of a new brotherhood was underway. This is their story.


“The story of the civil rights and anti-war activism that engulfed San Jose State University during the 1960s is still relevant in today’s world. Tim Fitzgerald’s work reminds all of us that the basic issues which divided our nation then – a questionable war in a foreign land and the fight for equality at home – continue to haunt our society.’’
—Jim Beall, Jr., California State Assembly, District 24

“As an era of social justice, these were hard times, and they were exciting times. But most of all, they were good times because students were actively shouting out their concerns (Maybe one day soon, we will return to such a period of active social justice).”
—Wiggsy Sivertsen, SJSU 60’s faculty/ Counselor

“Timothy Fitzgerald played an important, one might even say key, role.
His account of the changes and of his participation in them is fascinating.”
—George E. Moore, Former Chair, SJSU Academic Senate, Chair Emeritus History Dept. SJSU

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