Visiting for Dollars : An Annie Barton Series Book – by Ila Barlow

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Once again we meet Annie Barton, a small-town girl working in the field of collections, who also happens to dabble in murder investigations!

The second book of the series, Visiting for Dollars – which follows the first book Dialing for Dollars – sees Annie and her hottie co-worker, Hatch, embroiled with tracking down the killer of a lawyer associate.

The story offers a fast-paced and amusing account of how they go about their investigation, all while Annie is outfitted in killer heels. Several side stories provide plenty of humor, and you’ll never guess how Annie, Hatch, and the rest of the collections staff at Rucker Finance Company solve the mystery and find the killer for the local police department.

There will be thrills, chills, and a simmering relationship with enough sexual tension to cut with a knife. The collections business isn’t for sissies!

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Keywords:-Collector, Murder, Bakery, Finance, Cook, Chesapeake Bay, Coffee.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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