Visitations – by A.S. Finney

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The end of the world is happening—alien invaders are plotting to take over Planet Earth.

Brett, a young call center employee, starts to see visions and develops the ability to find cures for devastating illnesses. His psychic powers become stronger and develop into wizardry. Coincidence or prophecy?

Brett, learning of the impending doom, enlists the help of his genius, geologist girlfriend, Freddie. The two leave their ordinary lives to embark on an extraordinary mission—to save the world before the alien invaders destroy it. Their journey takes them from outback Australia to Italy, Egypt and Norway. Along the way, they meet “special” people; Annie, a part aboriginal angel; Mandrake, an ex Vatican occult investigator; Bill, an ex-priest and exorcist and his wife, Liz, who possesses the DNA of Jesus Christ. The group causes a worldwide religious upheaval with the help of alien allies, but is it enough to stop Armageddon?

A.S. Finney writes a fantastic suspense/fantasy that interweaves the paranormal, religion, close encounters and good versus evil into a top-notch story that moves seamlessly between this world and the next.

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Keywords:- Paranormal, Thriller, Angels, Demons, Ghosts, Science Fiction, Vatican, Conspiracy.

Genres:- Fiction, Fantas, General, Suspense.

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