Vengeance of a Vampire – by Christian U. Ilodibe

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Cleopas is the first of his kind. This original vampire is extremely powerful and he doesn’t have the vulnerabilities of other vampires, such as holy water or a crucifix. But he is susceptible to daylight. In his search for a successor, Cleopas comes across a troubled lad named Michael, the younger of two brothers who live with their mother. The elder brother, Sean, has taken over as the man of the house after their father died. Sean deeply loves his mother and his younger brother, Michael, but Michael is trouble personified. When Michael is bitten by Cleopas, he turns into the worst creature the world has ever known. Sean vows vengeance and becomes the leader of the vampire slayers, while Michael is now the leader of the vampires. Fate brings the two brothers together when Michael attacks a convent and meets an innocent young girl named Chelsea. Michael falls for Chelsea and wants to turn her into a vampire, but before he can, she is saved by the slayers. Chelsea ends up falling in love with Sean. Meanwhile, Cleopas returns and there is a showdown involving Sean and the only weapon that can kill Cleopas and cure everyone bitten — but it lies in the archives of the Vatican. Will good or evil triumph in Vengeance of a Vampire?

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Keywords:- Vengeance, Vampire, Supernatural, Dracula, Fiction, Teen Vampire, Blade.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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