Vanya of the Steppes : Book 1, Homeworld (9781608607655) – by E.S. Cenote

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Vayna of the Steppes, Homeworld is the first part of Vayna’s story where the unique and sometimes bizarre experiences that shaped her personality and character are formed within a world and galaxy where slavery in many forms still exists and thrives. Although she is born as a worker pleasure class owned slave and is trained by her mother and others to anticipate what will be her lot on Coldar, an early taste of Steppes Freedom permeates Vayna’s childish character and ever after remains as an elusive and distant goal that is incredibly hard to achieve. Her early life on Coldar becomes difficult and sensual once she is sold to a cruel Dame woman who exploits Vayna as a sex slave. Homeworld outlines Vayna’s increasing desperation as the girl realizes she must somehow escape from Coldar to remain alive, and her emergence as a super sex female Sherabian entity, once she becomes aware of just how special her beautiful face and body truly are. That her mind is also part of this equation seems to matter to few, but eventually provides the springboard from which she must leap.

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