Universal Recognition – by Azure

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Universal Recognition kindles the wonderful creation of the world, a universal coexistence universally established with beautiful human beings. In light of human history, the author touches on the importance of universal wellness, the human heart, the human spirit, and human emotion, i.e., the human soul, but it delves deeper than that.

Universally, histories of the past are full of developments and intricate passing phases. Universal Recognition is not about revolutions. Celebratory, Universal Recognition discerningly recognizes the betterment forwarding the continuance of human evolution.

Universal Recognition philosophically captions our universal coexistence, prevalently cited in measures of history, art, religion, and science. Through those fundamental observations, a sprightly narrative came to life that respectfully cites the universal ambiance established betwixt Heaven & Earth, God, and Humanity, unison between Humanity and all human beings.

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Keywords:- Azure, Heaven, Human, God, Universal, Love, Peace, Happiness.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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