Undercover: A Jason Franklin Novel – by Tom Edwards

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Meet Jason Franklin, an M16 agent seconded to Mossad, with orders to destroy ISIS bases in Lebanon. He encounters Judith, a feisty Israeli woman intent on exacting revenge on those who killed her family, and they reluctantly team up.

Jason destroys a rocket launching site being excavated in a mountain. He is critically injured, so Judith is sent to a Hezbollah camp hospital to rescue him. She succeeds after a ferocious gun battle in which she also sustains some injuries.

Losing face, the Hezbollah colonel arranges a fatwa on them, in which Judith, now married to Jason, is seriously injured. Jason returns to Lebanon to kill those ordering the fatwa.

Trying to infiltrate an ISIS gang, he is discovered and undergoes torture. Once again, Jason needs rescuing.

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Keywords:- A Jason Franklin Novel, An M16 Agent attached to Mossad, Undercover in Lebanon.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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