Twice Shy – by Samar Salfiti

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It’s hard being shy, as twelve-year-old Sara finds out in the insightful novel Twice Shy.

Sara lacks confidence, but finds it very plentiful in her friends, brothers, and parents. She struggles, however, to find comfort in her older sister, who is always turning her away. When a new friend, Amelia, enters Sara’s life, things become complicated. Amelia is a strong character who goes after what she wants, at any expense. The two girls hit it off and Sara cherishes her friend until Amelia’s behavior changes and makes her question how much of a friend she really is.

Struggling through the seventh grade, Sara learns about boys, coping with her sister’s deviant behavior, and how to deal with different friends.

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Keywords:-Tween, Friend, Betrayal, Crush, Low-Confidence, Older Sister, Boys.

Genres:-General Fiction.


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