Twelve Quiet Men : A Historical Western Novel – by Michael Edward Little

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In 1884 Montana and Dakota were overrun with hordes of outlaws. Granville Stuart, asks his ranch foreman, to organize a vigilante posse from his ranch hands. Harley chose twelve tight-lipped cowboys.

The success of the vigilante raids were noted in the regional press of the day. Sixteen period newspapers are quoted and attributed.

Twelve Quiet Men has several likeable characters. One memorable young man is a New York dude. We watch as he learns about life and grows to be a man. TQM is a thrilling historical western and a heartwarming story of friendship, loyalty, and sacrifice, mildly seasoned with a pinch of love and good-natured humor.

Because the author is a Montana native with cattle ranching experience, Twelve Quiet Men rings with authority.

Twelve Quiet Men is 100% original and heavily researched. This novel is quite likely the most authentic western ever written.

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Genres:- Western Historical.

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