Trickster Tales and the Legend of the Flute (9781608603701) – by Doris Vella Camilleri

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The Ten Tales presented here have been chosen for their beautiful spiritual allegories regarding both life here on earth and the hereafter. Coyote is the anti-hero similar to Aesop’s animal characters. His world is the animal world. Unlike the Mediterranean and Middle East anti-hero Nasredin Hoga, who is a human that starts off as a boy simpleton and grows into a wise old man.
My first tale establishes the Coyote as a fumbling character. He aspires to great things and he manages to beget a new identity but his inflated ego stops him from ‘seeing’.
In Tale two he still hasn’t learnt his lesson! In spite of the fact that he is in good company—his friend—the buffalo.
In Tale three, Coyote and his family are starving. He is shown plenitude and the abundant Earth in the persona of Turkey. More than this, there is a higher Being—the Bear. Who is representing Providence itself.
With Eagle, he soars into the spirit world which makes him feel omnipotent only to learn how earth bound his nature is! He even takes an interest in death matters but gets the blame for it for we all have to die. It is only at the very end that we see him grown into a wise old man, yet advocating playing a trick to help two foolish girls from falling into the hands of Ugly Wolverine Man.

Finally, the tales help youngsters to understand a vastly different culture while enriching the soul with ideas of the spiritual.

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