Travels of the Mind – by Ettore Grillo

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Travels of the Mind represents a spiritual inner journey that is also a self-help book.

In the lounge of a noblemen’s club in one Sicilian town, a few members chat and tell their travel stories. The author records their talks. After a time, he decides to write a book with their stories and conversations, adding his own travel experiences.

The men discuss trips to Tanzania, Medugorje, London, Paravati (Calabria), Rome, Paris, Tokyo, New York, and two small towns in Germany and Switzerland.

Their conversations range over a variety of topics, including love, spirituality, mind, life, and death. The debating points include: What is love? Can we control our mind? Is there life after death?

Besides offering travel tips on Tanzania and capturing the spirit of martial arts, the book is helpful for getting over anxiety, depression, and personality disorders. The author overcame his own anxiety and panic attacks by undertaking meditation and travel, as well as by opening his heart to God.

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Keywords:- Travels, Tanzania, Anxiety, Panic Attack, Understanding the Mind, Martial Arts, Paranormal.

Genres:- Mind, Body & Soul, Self-Help.

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