Trapped in the Russian Zone – by Lorena Lefor Golke

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Fear overwhelms Ferdinand Golke, having been charged with treason for deserting the military at the peak of the war. The young Polish boy’s only hope of escaping death by firing squad is to flee west.

Trapped in the Russian Zone takes readers back to Ferdinand’s childhood and the peaceful times before World War II began. Due to the Hitler/Stalin agreement in 1939, the Golke children are among hundreds taken from their parents and detained in a camp in western Poland, where they experience hunger, cold and depravation. The infamous “resettlement” continues throughout the escalating war.

In 1944, fifteen-year-old Ferdinand is drafted into the military. After inhumane treatment, he flees his unit without leave, but is caught and charged within hours of his escape. While awaiting trial, Ferdinand has a weighty decision to make.

Based on true events, eight members of the Golke family slip through a gated border point, where escapees were routinely hunted down by dogs and shot. This amazing tale of love, hope, and survival against all odds makes the war years come alive at a time when most survivors are no longer here to tell their stories.

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Keywords:- Love Story, Hitler-Stalin Era, Immigrant to Canada, Volhynia, Escape, WWII Refugee Camps, Poland Under Occupation.

Genres:- Thriller.

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