Transcendence: New Beginnings – by Jared R. Teer

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Transcendence is a dynamic science fiction story with a mix of comic book and Manga type action all in one. Author Jared R. Teer intelligently incorporates politics and social issues into the storyline, along with a real time war in Iraq.
When Darion Elmore, a U.S. Army infantryman, meets his fate in the war torn streets of Mosul, Iraq at the hand of a suicide bomber, he suddenly materializes in Heaven at his Planetary Endowment (an entire planet fashioned just for him—the reward of the faithful). Here he meets a recruiter for the Host of Heaven, who informs him that one of his teammates who survived the attack in Mosul is now in a comatose state and being tormented by demonic forces. Darion decides to forsake the pleasures of eternity for a time to join the Host and combat the demonic forces on Earth and save his friend. Fantastic action and adventure ensue.
Readers will find themselves cheering Darion on as he fights against evil to save his friend. Transcendence’s story can be seen as a metaphor for life and choices that determine one’s fate. It is a story about sacrifice and finding one’s higher purpose.

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