Touch-and-Go : From the Streets of South Central Los Angeles to the War In Iraq – by James D. Key

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Touch and Go is a powerful book that explores the amazing presence of God through life’s difficulties, as well as in times of human triumph and victory. Author and USA Today columnist James Key shares moving stories from his own life and experiences that will inspire readers.

From his days of growing up in South Central Los Angeles, to serving on the battlefield as a United States Army chaplain in war-torn Baghdad, Iraq, Key brings to life how God continued to move with him, even in his darkest hours. Touch and Go encompasses the best qualities of a biography and a religious/inspirational book.

Touch and Go is more than just a “self-help, feel-good” book; it is a testimony of how God never leaves us, even when we walk away or make wrong decisions. Despite his many failures, Key says God refused to let him drown in the sea of ignorance and stupidity.

Touch and Go captures the essence and dynamic involvement of God in everyday life. From the good to the bad to the downright low, readers are reminded that God is always there to bring comfort and direction.

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Keywords:- Religion, Military, Inspirational, Christian, African American, Biography, Iraq.

Genres:- Biography and Autobiography, Personal Memoir, Religion, Inspirational.

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