Timmy’s Bedtime : A Monster Bear Tale – by Tim and Toni Williams

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There’s no reason anymore for your kids to be scared to go to bed!
Written and Illustrated by Tim and Toni Williams, Timmy’s Bedtime: A Monster Bear Tale will help your children realize that there are no monsters under the bed!
Says author Tim Williams, “This was a story of what I did for my daughter about forty years ago, when she was afraid of monsters under her bed. Our solution worked then, and for a few of our friends that we told our remedy to over the years.”
Timmy’s Bedtime is only the beginning for these creative authors. Their next book is all about the origin and training of Monster Bears.

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Keywords:- Monsters, Under, Bed, Bears, Picture Book, Bedtime, Nightmares.

Genres:- Juvenile Fiction, Bedtime & Dreams.

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