Through the Eyes : An Adventure in Nogales – by Thomas Kipley DuGan

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Little has been written about towns bordering the United States and Mexico. An Adventure in Nogales is an exciting, dramatic, sexy, and humorous collection of stories that will keep readers wanting more. As you finish one tale, you will be eager to learn what’s going to happen next!

The book provides a down-to-earth description of the people of Nogales, as well as others who have come to make money in the fastest growing city in Mexico.

Thomas Kipley DuGan’s brilliant dialogue brings refreshing life to his non-fiction book about the sexy nightlife in this border town. He takes us into Nogales as someone who has lost relativity with the opposite sex and thinks associating with ladies of the night will help him, and he becomes totally engulfed in his experiences.

Come see Nogales through the author’s eyes and take a trip to a border town that you won’t soon forget.

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Keywords:- Sex, Mexico, Border, Topless, Clubs, Border, Prostitute.

Genres:- Biography/Autobiography/Memoir.

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