Threw These Eyes : Advice for Dads and Coaches – by Doug Brainard

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Get a new perspective on coaching your kid in any sport!

This book is for everyone, especially for dads who coach their children. Dads love and want the best for their kids, but sometimes we get off-kilter when coaching them. Keeping in mind that everyone will see a given situation in their own way, I offer advice that will help you coach through the victories as well as the defeats.

I’ve covered some of the bases when dealing with kids in sports and life. Some people don’t know what it takes for some kids to make it through a day, to make it to a practice or a game. I’m not saying I’m the smartest or most-knowledgeable, but growing up the way I did and coaching for twenty years has taught me a variety of things.

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Keywords:- Youth Baseball, Coaching Kids, Mentoring Kids, Sportsmanship, Little League Coaching, Life Lessons, Easy to Read.

Genres:- Sports/Athletics.

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