Thirteen Months a Year – by Henry Rex Greene

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In Thirteen Months a Year, the second book of his fictional trilogy, real-life doctor Henry Rex Greene revisits two married physicians, Max and Jan King, as they start their internship at L.A. County Hospital in 1969. For the next year, their jobs and personal lives working in the busiest hospital in the country are highly stressed. Max is an anti-war activist who was lucky to graduate med school, while Jan was nearly the class valedictorian. Despite his lack of educational prowess, Dr. Max King is driven to make the world a better place. He believes it’ s his duty to fight against the system. This stunning medical novel weaves the lives of these young doctors and their patients into the moral ethics and radicalism of the ‘ 70s era in a believable fashion. And when patients are dying due to a monumental hospital screw up, Max is there to lead the charge against the bigwigs. Can this couple survive the wrath of the hospital administration? Can their marriage survive? Or are all their efforts doomed in failure? Activism is alive and well in this powerful medical series.

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Keywords:- Internship, County Hospital, Jail Ward, Provocateurs, Tetanus, Schizophrenia, Ventilator.

Genres:- Science Fiction.

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