The World Tree : Gathering for the Shift of 2012-2013 – by William Gaspar and Jose Jaramillo

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The ancient Mayans invented a remarkably accurate calendar that forewarns of the Earth’s end. Is there any relevance to this ancient calendar and is the end of days approaching?

Doctors William A. Gaspar and Jose A. Jaramillo have written a compelling and fascinating narrative about this ancient mystery and what it means to human survival. Past research has indicated that 2012 is the year in which the rhythms and patterns of the Earth’s climate and its galactic alignment with the Solstice Sun may culminate in drastic weather, resulting in devastation of such proportions that the Earth, as we know it, will no longer be.

Scientifically examining Ice Age rhythms, calendar cycles, Sacred Geometry, Astronomy and Cosmology, Gaspar and Jaramillo arrive at an educated conclusion about what we can expect during this significant year in time. With the obvious changes occurring with our Earth’s climate, The Word Tree explores the correlation between Ice age cycles, climate change and the Mayan calendar, answering the question: is it a true predictor of what’s to come and will 2012 bring a significant shift in the Earth’s infinite existence?

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Keywords:- Mayan, Calendar, 2012, Earth, Changes, Spirituality, Tsunami.

Genres:- Body, Mind & Spirit, New Thought, Science, Earth Science, General.

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