The Waking of Carag Cri’eth – by Steve Jones Snr

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The world is formed and changed by the will of the mountains. The old race of Men has risen and fallen in the northlands, their remnants scattered. The second race now flourish on the verdant plains of Allinor. The Cri’ethan, disciples of Carag Cri’eth, nurtured his chosen creatures, the Cannatii, within the Black Crown of the north and then when they were strong, released them to reclaim the plains of Allinor in the name of their master. A small band escapes the onslaught of the Cannatii on Krask, their city, and seek the aid of the Gods, but their eyes are opened to the truth by the druids of the east. Meanwhile, the seeds of ambition grow in the mind of Baylsson, Chief of the Cannatii, and he learns to deceive his mentors, the Cri’ethan.

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