The Vernacular: An African Play on Words – by N. Daniel

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The Vernacular is a play, actually a play on words, because some of the dialogue or words in the play are thrown about like a stroke of luck.

An African Play on Words brings out in a spectacular way live Black African idioms and their indigenous way of expression.

The beginning of the story shows simple meetings and exchanges of views, but as it continues, there are various confrontations – about love and religion – as well as black African history, its silence, mysteries, crude English, and its way of saying or looking at things, some of them musical, some comical.

The stories in the book end with an animalistic instinct, where animals of the world are seen exposing their colours, expressing their views about life in the animal kingdom, their grievances, about what the human beings, which the animals call “the master, have overlooked.

The book was inspired by the large wave of the African immigration as it features African idioms, proverbs, and their hidden meanings that have been encapsulated into English grammar.

Keywords:- Gone Gory, Open Space, Inner Wealth, Hand of Fate, Still Ringing, Hasten Victory, Fiber-Word

Genres:- Historical Fiction

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