The United Nations : One young man’s journey through life to find love and carve out a future for himself away from his controlling family, a journey that takes him to the four corners of the United Kingdom [formerly The Henderson Burger, Runaway, Letters, Demons] – by Nick Morley

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The United Nations is a novel made up of four short stories, with two main characters recurring throughout. Their journey takes them around England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

This coming-of-age drama focuses on Michael, the youngest of five brothers. They all live with their father in a small village in South Wales, where everyone knows everyone else’s business. Trevor, the eldest brother, became head of the family after their father was disabled in an accident. Trevor brought up Michael after their mother died and their father could no longer cope. He is controlling and unwilling to compromise, so everything is done his way.

Upon the death of their father, Michael worries what will happen to his family. Michael feels a void left in his life, until he meets and falls in love with Heather, a Scottish girl who moves to his village. As Heather gets increasingly grounded by her parents, Michael spends more and more time with Heather’s older brother Dean. As Michael and Dean grow closer, they realize they are falling in love.

How the families deal with the young lovers is touchingly portrayed in The United Nations.

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Keywords:- Gay, Teen, Love, Relationships, Drama, Sexuality, Family, Journey.

Genres:- Fiction, General.

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