The Understanding – by Dennis Pennefather

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In 2048, teen-clone Adam Newman finds himself waiting in the Earith dimension for the Understanding—a mental nexus conferred on humans by the cloning process.

Torn from his family life after the brutal murder of his parents, Adam’s world changes even more when he discovers the existence of his clone-twin, Noah. Although he finds comfort and love in the sanctuary of the University, nothing can prepare him for the love of his soul mate, Eve…or for his destiny.

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Keywords:- Jump Clones, Human Clones, Super Intuition, Time Travel, Futuristic Battles, Martial Arts Sequences, Super ‘Aware’ Computer, Futuristic Technology, Future Society, Cross Specie Creation, Cosmology, Quantum Physics, Futuristic Adventure, Parallel Universes, Universal Humanism, Dimension Jump, Science Fiction Thriller, Foreign Interpretation Compatible I.e. Asian Version Friendly.

Genres:- Fiction, Science Fiction, General, Adventure.

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