The Twin – by R. L. Wogrin

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The space shuttle Galaxy, while attempting to dock with the space station Able, has a malfunction of the retro fire rockets. This jettisons the Galaxy, with Captain Jonathan Raney and his four fellow astronauts, far out into space, into its own orbit around the sun. After months of futile efforts, the crew loses contact with Earth. Running out of supplies and hope, they fall asleep, only to awake to find their shuttle docked with a sophisticated spacecraft full of humans – or are they? These rescuers are from the Planet Kaldea. So starts the crew’s journey to a planet and civilization thousands of years advanced of earth and humans in terms of science, technology and culture. Are these Kaldeans friends or foe to the astronauts, who don’t know if they are guests or prisoners?

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Keywords:-Lost, Space, Adventure, UFO’s, Twin Planet, Love, Danger.

Genres:- Fiction, Science, Adventure.

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