The Tour – by Roy Tomkinson

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When four members from the Coral Diving Club on a trip to Mull, an island off mainland Scotland, discover a Galleon, nothing can prepare them for what is about to unfold.

The course of history is at stake when they are thrown back in time to 1526 amidst the warring Scottish Clans and must fight their way back to their own time. Their existence becomes threatened when they realise they have unwittingly started a chain of events which seems unstoppable and it is down to Lanky and Jane to reverse the catastrophe of a time rift that is pulling time itself into the past.

For one member of the party, who finds gold on the Galleon, lust, greed, and murderous intentions are the only way forward and the stage is set for the drama to be played to its conclusion.

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Keywords:- Tobermoray, Scotland, Diving, Time Travel, Murder, Mull, Island, Macleans, Mcdougalls, Water, Clans, Galleon, Whiskey, Duart Castle, Cave, Ferry, Death, Rape, Dinghies, Boat, Prehistoric Fish, Tropical Water, Cold Water, Greed, Gold, Treasure, Kidnap, Violence, Sex, Clouds, Wind, Sky, Travel, Ferry, Fighting, Sword, Dungeon, Trapped, Spiders, Naked, Hovel, River, Wales, Pontypridd, Llantrisant, Cardiff, Scuba Diving, Balamory, Harbour, Rain, Chalet, Stream, Cabin, Wreck, Storm, Black Rock, Spanish Armada, Henry Viii, Laudanum, Blood Transfusion, Humours, Florenica.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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