The Thomas Book : Near Death, A Quest and a New Gospel by the Twin Brother of Jesus- by Bruce Fraser MacDonald, Ph.D.

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“Words fail me, or sound inadequate,” writes Nova Scotia artist, Alison MacNeil. “I cannot put your book down and, no doubt, will read it over and over many times. It is incredible and wonderful, and you feel you want to burst with joy and excitement.”
The Thomas Book is a real life Da Vinci Code – with spiritual quest, fraud investigation, reincarnation identity theft, and a new Gospel by Didymos Judas Thomas, least known of Jesus’ disciples.
During a Near Death Experience in 1966, the author talked with Jesus about a “project” in which they were both involved. Bruce Fraser MacDonald writes, “When I came back from the dead that summer, I knew something had been badly distorted in the retelling of the events of Jesus’ life and death.”
His attempt to solve that mystery took him to England, where he earned a Ph.D. from the University of Leeds, then around the world as a university professor and researcher. His exploration, deep into the heart of spirit, confronted him with profound and challenging subjects, in addition to the Gospel itself – Gnosticism, sex and the virgin birth in the early church, the meaning of death, channelling, A Course in Miracles, Simon Magus and Gary Renard’s fraudulent masters, and the evidence for Didymos Judas Thomas as the twin of Christ.

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