The Sword and the Spear : God’s Perfect Plan for Defeating Satan’s Spear of Death – by Rod L. Landreth

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The Sword and the Spear contains stories, Bible verses, Christian parables and discussions about God’s true intention for his children to defeat “Satan’s Spear.” Many will find themselves pierced by the deceptive and controlling influence of God’s most famous fallen angel, Satan.
Rod L. Landreth reminds readers that, just as heaven and hell are real places, so is the conflict between God’s mighty sword and Satan’s evil spear. He reminds us how the fall of man began in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve received the guile spear of Satan. Fortunately, as human beings we have also been given the sword of God to slay the devil’s wicked intentions that pervade man’s innately sinful, yet redeemable heart.
The author reveals to readers God’s plan for succeeding in this battle. He does this by raising awareness of our human flaws and susceptibilities, and showing us how to spot Satan’s brainwashing influence in our everyday lives.

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Genres:- Religion, Christianity, Christian Life.

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