The Spirit of Freedom : Why We Are Here – by Tom Richards

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This book is a real-life adventure that explores the Human Spirit’s desire to be Free. Using thoughts and ideas from prominent thinkers and writers, an imaginative approach is taken to describe some of life’s common pathways (table of contents) that are experienced while growing up, maturing and discovering your unique ‘self.’ These pathways enable You to separate out issues of: emotions, feelings, behaviors, goals, courage, character, ideals, independence, self-respect, family, relationships, bureaucratic governments that eliminate personal freedoms; to provide more perceptive and manageable insights into the world we live in. The ‘plot’ developed for answering the question ‘why are we here?’ is revealed in the final Chapter.

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Keywords:- Real Life Adventure, Desire To Be Free, Exploring Freedom, Discovering Self, Tom Richards, Personalized Learning Skills, Emotional Discovery, Why Are We Here, Strategy For Personal Freedom, Emotional Pathways, Independence, Self Respect, Personal Freedom.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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