The Sphinx and the Secret Atlantis Hall of Records – by Erick Surcouf

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“Are we the survivors of a highly evolved vanished civilization? One that preserved the essence of its high technology in a Hall of Records located under the Giza plateau?

Professor Allan Parker, an American Egyptologist, makes an incredible discovery in Giza, and he’s not afraid to take on the huge political and religious consequences implicated by his amazing finding.

In spite of the danger involved, the professor asks one of his former students, Patrick Marshall, to assist him with the find. But when Patrick arrives in Cairo, the professor has mysteriously vanished.

The Sphinx and the Secret Atlantis Hall of Records kicks into high gear as Patrick is plunged into numerous strange intrigues. With the help of journalist Kim Ventura, they infiltrate scientific and religious circles where evidence about mysterious ancient history and civilizations emerge. Between infiltration and espionage, treason and manipulation, the two partners try to find the truth.

When put under pressure by a secret society representing a World Order, will these fantastic revelations once again be shrouded in secrecy?

In this stunning novel that mixes suspense, adventure, conspiracies, and deep teachings, scientific consciousness suggests a New World is coming … but is it too late?”

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Keywords:- Sphinx, Giza, Hall of Records, Atlantis, Edgar Cayce, Aliens

Genres:- General Fiction

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