The Sand Soldiers – by Shoshanna Eliahu

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At the end of World War II, a time of suspense and underground warfare rages between the various opposing camps in Palestine. The British Mandate is in its dying days, and within the Jewish population, the yearning to create a Jewish state is fermenting. The ground is ripe for activity by the Jewish underground to smuggle Holocaust survivors into Palestine against the British edict, which does not allow any immigration into the country.

Opposing the Jewish underground, Arab terrorist groups are aiding the British in providing information on clandestine activities by Jews. In return, they receive generous payments and promises to supply them with arms.

Against this background of the struggle between the Jewish undergrounds, the Arab adversaries, and the British government, love blossoms between Edna Aloni, whose two older brothers are leaders in the Jewish underground, and Sidna Ibn-Amrani, a young Arab and the son of a poor farmer.

The chance meeting between the two and the tragic consequences of their love affair is the axis propelling this story of self-sacrifice and revenge, which spreads across the Atlantic Ocean to reach scenic San Francisco.

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Keywords:- Historical Story, Arab Israeli Conflict, Underground Warfare In Pre State Of Israel, Tragic Love Affair, Self Sacrifice By Protagonist, Dedication To Cause, A Tale Of Revenge, Acts Of Bravery, Arab, Israel, Israeli.

Genres:- Action & Adventure, Fiction, War & Military.

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