The Princess of Cats – by Andrew Sloane

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Twelve-year-old Penny is despondent after her father’s death. The young girl is forced to live with her abusive sister and her sister’s drug dealer boyfriend. Just when she thinks life is at its lowest, Penny is saved by a fallen angel summoned by dark forces.

Penny uses her knowledge of the supernatural to trick the angel Argus to stay with her and guard over her throughout her life. Penny is an intelligent but shy girl with hidden bravery and daring. She is kind and generous, but can be ruthless when the need arises. She grows to meet life’s challenges with Argus at her side.

The fallen angel Argus collects debts. He reaps the souls of those foolish enough to enter into contracts with him. He often takes the form of a cat. But underneath lies a strong sense of humour, loyalty and regret for what he has done in the past. Penny is able to revive his good side and manages to redeem him in a manner he never thought possible.

The supernatural fantasy The Princess of Cats is a stunner.

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Keywords:- Cat, Magic, Fantasy, Arcane, Adventure, Thriller, Supernatural.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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