The Power Play to End the Car (9781606931394) – by B.B. Bunting

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Set on a Moslem island, this poignant 70,000 word manuscript depicts the tumultuous experiences of a male protagonist whose ultimate mission is eliminate a country’s need for cars.
• The Power Play commences as readers are introduced to Gretton, the story’s protagonist and narrator, who tells his life story with outlandish situations and humor. His dream, to build a system consisting of a country that doesn’t need cars, comes to fruition with the help of an important character he meets in college. This, however, leads to trouble with the Establishment, to invasion, and to his ouster and imprisonment.
• As Gretton’s health ultimately fades, a dissertation on ocean pollution takes his adopted daughter and wife back to the Americas while his son John in Canada re-starts Amcars, thus taking up the vision of transportation.
The ideas in the story are factual, with a prologue explaining them, and a bibliography

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