The Oracle of Rome – by Douglas Hauger

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There is more than flesh and bone…

There is chaos and order…war and peace…love and hate…life and death…and a Realm that exists between it all. A Realm called the Void. A place of honor, loyalty, duty, and redemption. A realm, where an immortal race called the Procuri, are sworn to uphold the laws of the universe. And two of its prisoners are Hieronymous and Maya.

He, a soldier of the old Republic and the fledgling Caesars, has experienced the course of empire and the foreshadowing of humanity. She, an Egyptian priestess and early member of the religious caste, have been to heaven…and hell…and survived both. But in the end they are torn apart by that which could ultimately save them…

Their journey takes them beyond the human condition of the battlefields of Rome, the fall of Christ, the plight of Chinese peasants and the ship warfare of the 18th century. It shows them the gift of life and the significance of death. It reminds them about what is forgotten and what is remembered. It is about the inevitability of change…and the importance of choice. And the one who knows the importance of that choice more than most is…the Oracle of Rome.

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Keywords:- Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Metaphysical, Spiritual, Roman history, philosophy, Theology.

Genres:- Historical Fiction.

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