The Misinformed of God – by Hannah Orion

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The author of Secular Truthfulness, Hannah Orion, has written another stunning work of revelation concerning the mysteries, mythology, symbolism, and similes of the most read and beloved book ever published, The Bible.

Orion, having studied numerous religions and interpretations of the word of God, reveals the many doctrines of the subject; each one claims to be the only right and true interpretation.

What if they are all wrong? Or more importantly, what if they are all right?

The Misinformed of God dares to explore and evaluate the metaphors and symbolism used in the King James Version of the Bible. The use of metaphors is heavily peppered throughout both the old and new testaments—but how have they been interpreted through religions teachings and how do they affect our conception of Jesus Christ? Was Jesus a man or was he a God?

Orion’s book focuses on these issues and on the life of Jesus Christ, developing a conspiracy theory regarding his death. Whatever your beliefs, this book will raise questions and give deeper insight into the metaphors that are so prevalent in a book that has been and will continue to be read by millions.

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