The Mansion on Hummingbird Hill – by J. Beauhall

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A stately mansion sits atop the crest of Hummingbird Hill on the outskirts of Big Spring, Texas. This is the tale of that mansion and the trials and tribulations experienced by its inhabitants over the years, as it goes from the family home of James “Buck” Henderson and his wife, June, to one of the South’s most elegant “sporting” houses, to a home for runaways, and finally, a family home again. It is a tale of love, hate, rape, incest, murder, and intrigue.

The story begins with Buck Henderson’s early years in Philadelphia, to his heroism during World War I, his battlefield promotions and medals for bravery, including the Congressional Medal of Honor, his recovery in a Denver hospital, and his marriage to June.

After securing an engineering degree at Penn State, Buck and June set out for Big Spring, Texas, where they find success in the oil field supply business and raise a family, but their happiness is followed by rape, murder, and the sale of their beloved mansion.

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Keywords:- Texas, Oil patch, World War 1 hero, Teen run-a-way, Murder, Trial, Sporting House.

Genres:- Mystery.

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