The List : I’m A Virgo, That’s What I Do – by Vicky Grovenor

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Hayley wakes up one day, and decides enough is enough and discards her husband, Joshua, like a pair of old tights. She sets about starting a new life, with new friends, and makes herself a list of exciting things to do. Pole dancing, sky diving, clubbing till all hours, salsa lessons with friends and shopping for Jimmy Choo shoes are some the exciting things she gets up to. The new Hayley then dates twwo people at teh same time, Paulo – a footballer with an unhealthy obsession for her, and Euan, the guy she has had a secret crush on for months. But a footballer followed by paparazzi is bound to have her in the news. Will Euan see? Will Hayley get caught? Will Hayley be fulfilled by this new life, or dream of her old one? Is it Paulo, Euan or Joshua, her ex, that will finally win her over?

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Genres:- Fiction, Contemporary Women, Romance, General.

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