The Light in the Shadows : An Ancient Darkness- by Nathan NK Hansen

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As a family is dragged into an age-old war that has consumed many previous generations, it is up to Anne and her four children Adam, Robin, Sarah, and Stephen to bring the battles to an end.

The time period takes place on modern day earth, but the action involves an old family home and different worlds within our own.

Anne is over protective and will do anything for her children, who have all been blessed with the Ancients’ powers.

Training and fighting for their lives, the family members uncover secrets about their past, their future, and the world around them. From the creatures that inhabit the realms to The Ancients, their world is full of surprises, intrigue, and danger.

Blessed with abilities and gifts to fight and protect, the family joins forces with new recruits, as well as elves, and the last living Ancient. They fight to vanquish The Man, who has planned for decades to destroy all that exists in his quest for power.

In gain, there must be loss, yet this family has yet to make the biggest sacrifice of their lives.

Throughout the adventure, Anne’s family finds time for love, friendship, and fun amid the chaos.

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Keywords:- Magic, Fantasy, Family Love, Adventure, Witchcraft.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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