The Legend of Tor Silverwolf : Book 1-The Rekeye (9781606934524) – by Ray Fox

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Aimed at children between 8 and 12 years old and set in the dark Viking times when ruthless tribes preyed upon weaker peoples, The Legend of Tor Silverwolf follows the adventures of a Viking youth destined to become the most powerful Viking Warrior of all time, TOR SILVERWOLF. He is aided on his quests by Arnook, a mighty wolf, and the magical ‘Lady of the Mist.’

Book 1…The Rekeye, begins the trilogy. It tells the story of how Ped, a Viking youth, passes his ordeal to become a warrior. Little does he know that as a result of his success, he is destined to unite his people and lead them to glory. The story is filled with friendships, magic, and battles, culminating with an exciting ending.

Join Tor and Arnook in books 2 and 3 for more gripping adventures!

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