The Last Crusades : (Abdullah of Arabia) – by Abdullah Bin Juttie

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The Last Crusades chronicles the dysfunctional relations between the West and Islam that led up to 9/11. It provides an in-depth historical preview of how Palestine was overtaken by Zionists with the help of the British. It graphically illustrates how Zionists forcefully ran the Palestinians out of Palestine and established the state of Israel with the help of Europe and the U.S.

The book is presented in an autobiography format, chronicling the author’s return to the Middle East after becoming a professional ESL teacher and working in Saudi Arabia for 12 years. He watched the horror of 9/11 before going to work one morning, and was propelled from that experience to theorize how he would write this book against the backdrop of 9/11, and subsequent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and how these conflicts have augmented and expanded confrontation between the West, Israel, Palestine, and the entire Islamic world.

He hopes this book will decrease the threat of a possible third world war in the Middle East.

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Keywords:- Arab Israeli conflict, Israeli Palestinian conflict, East West Conflict, Islam vs. The West Conflict, Israeli State Terrorism, Palestinian Drive for Independence, Israeli Apartheid.

Genres:- Historical Non-Fiction.

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