The Killer of Cancer Rising : The Astrology Mystery Series – by Torena J. O’Rorke

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When juvenile probation officer Christian Vargas attends the funeral of a friend’s mother, in the coffin, she discovers her murdered teen client. She is determined to solve both murders with her handsome, hard-nosed partner, Daniel. Their crime-solving journey begins with a visit from Christian’s father’s ghost, an abiding source of comfort for the pretty widow. She also seeks the counsel of Daniel’s grandmother, who is a Mexican shaman, also known as a La Curandera. From the puritanical realms of a Mormon stake house in Washington State, to a terrifying polygamist compound in southern Utah, the two intrepid officers go undercover to find the killer called Cancer. In the process, they face deadly obstacles and an explosive love affair that threatens to destroy their lives as “partners in the field.” The Killer of Cancer Risingis the second book in the Zodiac crime series by this exciting new crime writer. “Some delightfully astute sleuthing runs through this tightly written second case, fully stocked with menacing villains, tireless investigators and romantic intrigue.” – Kirkus Review

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Keywords:- Mystery, Crime, Murder, Probation Officer ,Teens, Paranormal, Romance.

Genres:- Romance.

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