The Jesus Book – by Daniel Rogers

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The Jesus Book has two main characters: Jesus and the author; it is about overcoming adversity as a child, and coping by studying martial arts to learn how to focus and center. It touches on an untreatable illness that was overcome without medication.

First-time author Daniel Rogers was raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. “I felt directed to write this one. I wrote this to glorify God and to let people know that He can be, and is a personal God who wants to heal, and one could say, save us from ourselves.”

Throughout his life and right up through today, God continues to move and inspire Rogers. “Try him on for size. The only guarantee I have in this life is that you will not regret it.”

In The Jesus Book, “I am sharing how God can work in one’s life if you allow him to work.” Now age 62, Rogers says, “Only God can teach an old dog new tricks and get results! He kept hounding me and hounding me. It was something I could not get off my mind, so I finally gave in. He still hounds me, but his company is worth it!”

Rogers believes that what “God did for me, he can do for anyone. I don’t think I’m that important, but God showed me that I was. Who am I to argue with the boss?” This means that everyone is important in God’s eyes.

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