The Invisible Invasion : The Unknown Force – by Deke Rivers

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Democracy as we know it has disappeared in the United States. Corruption and greed rule, and politicians are puppets to the corporations and the super rich. Against this backdrop, The Invisible Invasion: The Unknown Force tells a dramatic and riveting story of payback.

Wrongfully arrested for crimes they did not commit, an Arab, with overseas connections, and a US born Frenchman, both seek revenge for their years of abuse at the hands of the US Correctional Institutions. Together they plot to bring the United States to its knees. Will they succeed? And what will be the consequences?

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Keywords:- America The Land Of The Free, No More. Now The Land Of 3100 Independent Counties, Ruled By Judges, Who Make The Laws. Democracy Gone, The Constitution Ignored. Corporate Greed Rampant, Corp. Ceos Rule American. Corruption In Federal & State Politicians, The Corporate Puppets. Corruption In The Supreme Court, Judicial System, Police Forces. Record High Incarcerations, Correctional Institutions ,the Hellholes Of America. Arrest Everyone ! Jobs Shipped Overseas. Middle Class Being Destroyed. Yet Money Buys Everyt Hing ….the Rich Can Do No Wrong!.

Genres:- Fiction, Suspense, Thrillers.

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