The Inner Workings of a 20 Something’s Mind : Why people are really depressed and smoking is the leading cause of obesity – by Michael Steel

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Get an intimate and close up view of the life of a late Generation Xer. Michael Steel writes a candid autobiography that explores the generation that many refer to as the children of the “Baby Busters;”: children that grew up in an era questioning authority, seeking their own path, and straying from cultural norms. In Steele’s often funny, often poignant account, evidence of that search is brilliantly narrated.

Twenty eight year old Steel describes his journey from being a “charismatic individual” to a “nobody” with friends scattered everywhere that reflect his view of himself. His travels take him to faraway places with associations ranging from the throwaways of society to the very wealthy. Friends, girlfriends, and rehab are vividly depicted, and his time and experiences in New York, New England, Hawaii, and the Virgin Islands lead him to a crucial point in his life—“pleasantly disagreeing” with world politics—while incorporating an intelligent viewpoint with challenge and relentless curiosity. His take on depression and unhealthy habits is one born of experience and objective observation.

Reminiscent of Jack Kerouac’s musings, Steele has something to say and his book is a riveting narration about a generation that continues to see the world as a place of experimentation and hope, and with new eyes that dare the world to see them for who they truly are.

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Keywords:- Breakthrough, Change, Crossroads, Turning Point, Youth, Smoking, Obesity.

Genres:- Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs.

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