The Ike Disease : Your Name Is Tracy – by Roger D. Casterline

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Are you looking for a way to communicate with your children? Do you feel that you and your teen live on different planets? Look no more—The Ike Disease by writer and former guidance counselor, Roger Casterline is an invaluable resource for communicating with your children and guiding them toward realizing their potential.
Casterline gleans his experience as a middle and high school teacher and counselor to write his innovative book which represents what most children, in some point of lives believe: “I Know Everything,” or in other words they have come down with a serious case of The Ike Disease.
Using a conversational and personal tone, Casterline’s brilliant concept deals with peer pressure and parent/teen relationships. Casterline gives excellent examples of guiding your child toward figuring out what he/she loves to do and honing that passion into a successful and spiritual life.
You and your children will refer to this book again and again. Based on common sense and deeply held spiritual teachings, The Ike Disease will become a staple in your home library.

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