The Golden Dome – by Bernard Steele

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The British Security Services contacts America’s National Security Administration with disturbing information: A cell of terrorists in Morocco is planning an attack on the Golden Dome, a Muslim Mosque located in Jerusalem. Two professors and their families must be extracted from Morocco because they have crucial information. A strike team is assembled and a plan hatched to move the informants to Gibraltar, which is British territory. A luxury yacht is used to disguise the team’s intention, but a spy is smuggled aboard. When the stowaway is located barricaded in a cabin, the firefight that follows is mean, vicious, and deadly. During the extraction from Morocco, a fight breaks out on the waterfront resulting in injuries, death, and a wild chase across the Mediterranean. The antagonists race each other over land and sea, and finally clash in Jerusalem. Will the twisted plan for total war be averted?

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Keywords:- East Vs West, Terror, Land And Sea, Exotic Places, Jerusalem, Death And Destruction.

Genres:- Fiction, Suspense, Action & Adventure.

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