The Golden Comb (9781606936054) – by Maria P. Gondra

Price: $9.99

The Golden Comb is a story about an overindulged princess who receives a beautiful golden comb for her birthday. She is mischievous and sometimes does not listen to her parents. One day, while riding her horse in her parents’ property, she encounters a forbidden territory. She is curious and proceeds to explore the territory finding a deep, dangerous canyon. Upon this finding, her horse makes a sudden stop, she bounces on her horse and loses her valued golden comb into the canyon. The story develops into how the princess finds a way to go down into the canyon, with the help of some friends, where she finds a colony of unhappy little people to whom she eventually returns the happiness to them. This story teaches children the values of working together, and of giving, even if it is your most valued possession.

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