The Gods of Eden and Operation High Jump – by Moshe Mazin

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One of the most amazing epic stories in recent memory, the connection between ancient alien beings and human history is captured in this mesmerizing science fiction novel. A biblical passage from the Book of Genesis points the way to this connection, which recently has been tied to new excavations in Southeast Turkey, thought by several archeologists to be the site of the fabled Garden of Eden. The story ties the ancient Jewish staff of Moses to the Knights Templers, the Bilderberg Group, the American NSA, and Israeli intelligence services, all in pursuit of the secretive German Nazi Base 211 located at the South Pole in Antarctica. The American top secret Operation High Jump, which was recent ly partially declassified, raises many questions about the involvement of the world’s governments in a cover-up of alien presence on Earth.

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Keywords:- Alien, Eden, UFO, NSA, Israel, Bible, Bilderberg Group.

Genres:- Science Fiction.

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