The Ghosts of Summer (9781606930540) – by Drue Fairlie

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Drue Fairlie is 44 years old and lives in Suffolk England with his wife Jane. He works for a charity that supports people with Learning Disabilities. He has just been entered into the Million Writers Award Competition by the editor of the Rose and Thorn E-Magazine.

Two young boys, Tommy Smith and Ben Watson go on holiday to Scotland to stay with Tommy’s aunt Marion. While they are there Marion tells the two boys the story of Black Pete, a legendary smuggler whose ghost is meant to haunt the nearby castle, cursed by a witch to forever walk its walls and to never rest.

The two boys are totally captured by this story and along with Marion’s daughter Jade; plan to explore the ruined castle at their first opportunity. But before their chance presents itself a strange and unnerving series of events occur to convince the three children that perhaps there is more to Marion’s ghost story than they could have ever imagined

The Ghosts of Summer is a good old fashioned ghost story filled with all the elements that a reader would expect and a few that they wouldn’t. The hero, Tommy, is just an ordinary boy who ends up in the most extraordinary situations, with nothing to help him apart from his own courage and his friends.

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