The Gene Factor : Cracked the Code, Genetically, How Communication with God is Manifest – by M. J. Manley

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The Gene Factor by M. J. Manley portrays a “youthful” mission of the challenges to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that God manifests communications through the DNA of our very souls.

The novel is a breakthrough scientifically, on how communications with a highly spiritual being—God—is manifest deep, deep down into the very soul of transmission genetic factors: the DNA cell. Scientific discoveries show how communications through gene factors are transmitted. The scripted discoveries in The Gene Factor tell how blessings, prayers, and having faith are communicated.

Manley states that The Gene Factor is the most revolutionary novel ever written about how God communicates man. “I have written, I have researched, and I have documented all the information that is ‘within, not without’ that our heavenly father fulfills all the blessings, the prayers, and the hopes of all mankind and all religions from DNA.”

Deeply embedded in our DNA is where communications with God are sent, and where our heavenly father communicates back to us through the living cells and to answer our prayers. The Gene Factor is written so the layman can understand, but this concept is deeper than simply the story of genetic DNA. To fully understand, “I must present my theory and do presentations and promote my premises by giving lectures and appearances.”

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Keywords:- Suspense, Intriguing, Gods’ Big Event, Cracked The Human Code In Communicating Spiritually, Manifested Through The Genetic Human Cells In The Soul.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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